ITAR regulations hamper space cooperation between France and China

18 September 2014
Scientific cooperation between France and China is hindered by ever-changing ITAR regulations and cause delays to planned projects.
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Edwin Aldrin, second man on the Moon, gives interview to Xinhua

16 September 2014
45 years after his historic mission, Aldrin longs for a return to the Moon. "I support a return, but not for NASA, for every other country," Aldrin said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua at the recent meeting of the Association of Space Explorers in Beijing.

Final Design Review for CBERS 4 concluded

18 September 2014
The Final Design Review FDR for the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite 4 (CBERS 4) in collaboration with Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research INPE was concluded on 18 September. This milestone achievement brings the satellite closer to its launch beginning of December this year. CBERS 4 is scheduled to arrive at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center - TSLC for launch preparation on 16 October.

Chinese astronauts honoured with ASE international awards

15 September 2014
Wang Yongzhi, a former Chief Designer of China's manned space project, received the Crystal Helmet Award at the closing ceremony of the 27th annual congress of the Association of Space Explorers ASE on Monday in Beijing. China's first astronaut Yang Liwei was granted the Leonov Medallion, while Wang Yaping, the only female astronaut on the Shenzhou-10 space mission in June 2013, was honoured for her presentation during the six-day session.

ISRO and CNSA to work together for peaceful use of space technology

19 September 2014
The Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO and China National Space Administration CNSA signed a memorandum of understanding on 18 September on cooperation in the peaceful use of space. Signed by ISRO Chairman K. Radhakrishnan and his counterpart Zhang Jianhua, Vice Administrator of CNSA, the agreements would enable both sides to encourage exchange and cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes including research and development of scientific experiment, remote sensing and communication satellites.

Get together in space - China included

17 September 2014
Cooperation and collaboration with China on space development and exploration is on the minds of many U.S. experts. "If we can cooperate with the Russians, our sworn enemy during the Cold War, we can figure out a way to collaborate with the Chinese," said Dale Skran, deputy chair of the policy committee of the National Space Society (NSS), at a seminar in Washington on Tuesday.