Power System of CZ-7 Rocket Core Stage Completed First Test successfully

23 April 2014
On 19 April, the first test of the power system of CZ-7(Long March 7) rocket core stage was carried out successfully. At 4:00 p.m., the engine was fired. After burning for 188 seconds, it shut down according to the preset procedure.

Deputy Secretary General of China Arms Control and Disarmament Association: Countries should shoulder joint responsibility for outer space

21 April 2014
Outer space is a unique resource for humanity. Managed sustainably, space activities will affect not only current interests, but also the future of the entire world. Countries should have an equal right to peaceful uses of outer space, and at the same time should also shoulder joint responsibility for its security.
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Jade Rabbit lunar rover forced parking status caused by blockage in power circuit

18 April 2014
Engineers are desperately trying to revive China's crippled lunar rover Jade Rabbit as fears grow that its mission could be over.
Engineers now say a blockage in the power circuitry is to blame and are looking to bypass it. Professor Wang Jianyu, Deputy Secretary General with the Chinese Society of Space Research, said the electrical current was blocked "so the main driving mechanism cannot be powered up".
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If the US wants to go to Mars, cooperation with China and Russia is crucial

10 April 2014
On 9 April a hearing of the Senate Subcommittee for Commerce science and space took place. Under the topic “The Road to Mars.” several space experts spoke about the need for international cooperation, in particular with Russia and China. Former space shuttle astronaut and ISS commander Leroy Chiao and Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower had some good arguments for cooperation with China. SpaceNews was reporting on this hearing.

China issues first assessment on international space activities

17 April 2014
A leading space research group in China released the country's first assessment of the current situation and future trends of international space activities on Thursday. The report, compiled by Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Launch Vehicle Technology, provided facts and figures about exploration in outer space. Modern facilities and equipment used in space activities are mostly owned by leading space powers. Li Hongbo, a member of the research group and an expert with the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), warned of a trend toward using space for military purposes that has emerged in recent years. "Current international laws and regulations have been ineffective to contain it," said Li.

China's President Xi: Integrate space and air roles

15 April 2014
President Xi Jinping is asking the air force to speed up its transformation into a strong power with an integrated air and space capability. He called on military leaders to run the military in accordance with the law and enforce strict discipline to improve scientific management of troops. The Party's absolute leadership over troops should be unswervingly stuck to, Xi said. He also urged further implementation of the "mass line" campaign in the army, which is targeted at cleaning up undesirable work styles - formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance.

Dong Wenxian, a retired researcher with the PLA air force headquarters, was quoted by PLA Daily as saying that NATO countries had actively adopted various space platforms to support reconnaissance, early warning, communication and positioning in every conflict since the first Gulf War, which indicates such platforms play a vital role in modern warfare. He said China began to realize the significance of integrated air and space capability in the early 1990s and has begun offering courses on this issue in air force academies.