China's new lunar mission to test Chang'e-5 technology about to launch this week

22 October 2014
China will launch a new lunar mission this week to test technology likely to be used in Chang'e-5, a future lunar probe with the ability to return to Earth. The experimental spacecraft launched this week is expected to reach a location near the moon and return to Earth, according to a source with the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense on Wednesday.

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China to send orbiter to Moon and back

China launches one more remote sensing satellite

20 October 2014
China launched the Yaogan-22 remote sensing satellite into scheduled orbit at 2:31 p.m. on Monday Beijing Time from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The satellite will be used for scientific experiments, natural resource surveying, estimating crop yields and disaster relief.

Work completed on satellite launch center in Hainan

18 October 2014

Construction of the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in Hainan province, China’s fourth and most advanced space launch center, has been completed and it will soon become operational, People’s Daily reported on Friday. The center is designed to handle next-generation rockets and space station modules. Building work began in 2009. Situated on the northeast coast of Hainan, about 60 km from Haikou, the provincial capital, the center is the country’s first coastal satellite launch base. The location, about 19 degrees north of the equator, is suitable for launching geosynchronous satellites, heavy satellites, large space station components and lunar and interplanetary missions. Geosynchronous satellites orbit in a fixed position above Earth.


China, Italy vow to enhance security, legal cooperation

15 October 2014

China and Italy on Wednesday vowed to strengthen cooperation in a host of areas including security and law enforcement to further cement bilateral relations. [...] The document says that the two countries have also agreed to deepen cooperation on science and technology innovation in a bid to realize mutual benefits and win-win results. China and Italy have reached consensus on strengthening cooperation in five prioritized areas, ranging from energy conservation and environmental protection, to food security and aviation and space, says the document.


See also the Cooperation agreement signed between ASI and CSNA in July this year: ASI Press Release.

Chinese scientist proposes new scientific satellites

15 October 2014

A Chinese scientist has proposed a series of satellites to monitor "global change," or planetary-scale changes concerning the Earth. Speaking at the ongoing Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Symposium in Beijing, Guo Huadong, dean of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, suggested six satellites to monitor global change as well as observation technology based on the moon.


Open innovation important in promoting common development, prosperity: Chinese premier

14 October 2014

As economic globalization and informatization advance, all countries need to work together to achieve multiplication of knowledge and value through innovation cooperation, so as to solve development problems and promote common prosperity, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said at the opening ceremony of an international forum themed "open innovation" in Moscow, Russiaon Tuesday. [...] He also said cooperation between China and Russia in the field of aerospace has always been an important component of the strategic cooperation between the two countries, urging the two sides to strengthen cooperation in such areas as carrier rocket, manned space mission and the development of satellites. Medvedev, for his part, said Russia welcomes more Chinese enterprises to open branches in the Skolkovo Innovation Center, Russia's Silicon Valley located in Moscow.