31 May 2017
It is not NASA, nor ESA, DLR or ASI. None of the established national space agencies are the enabler for Chinese scientific research on the ISS. China is paying for it. The Beijing Institute of Technology became the commercial customer of Nanoracks. The private company Nanoracks managed the transport of the scientific payload to the ISS, planned by commercial SpaceX company. Deng Yulin of the School of Life Science at the Beijing Institute of Technology BIT said about the experiment which investigates the effect of radiation on the human genes: “Space radiation could cause harm to the astronauts, especially when they are in space for a long period of time. One of the biggest risks from space flight is gene mutation, we hope to do more research on this and learn how big the risk of gene mutation is for humans in space.”
Chinese experiment among payload for ISS - launch with SpaceX delayed by storms
01 June 2017
NanoRacks, a Houston-based company that provides commercial hardware and services on the ISS, will provide the Beijing Institute of Technology the power and connection aboard the Falcon 9 to carry out the experiment.