11 March 2018
China will enhance strength in science and technology in the coming years to create more opportunities for itself and the world. "China will do more to implement the innovation-driven development strategy", Premier Li Keqiang said on 5 March when delivering a government work report at the first session of the 13th National People's Congress. Li said that application-oriented basic research would be strengthened, a number of science and technology innovation programs be launched, and a number of top national laboratories be set up this year.
"The BeiDou system not only belongs to China, but the whole world," Yang Changfeng Chief Designer of Beidou Navigation System said, noting that China has been promoting cooperation with Asia-Pacific nations, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Arab League in the construction of BeiDou system. The system plays an important role in telecommunications, transport, forest fire prevention and disaster prevention and relief. "We've been improving our services for our global users," Yang said, adding that they are promoting the system in international organizations.