Issue no 20 of the GoTaikonauts! newsletter was just published. The focus of reporting is on the quarterly news in China’s space programmes and selected background reports.

Issue no 20 - Content
• Quarterly Report April - June 2017
• China's 1st National Space Day 2016
On the occasion of China's 1st National Space Day in 2016, the Vice Minister of the Armed Forces Equipment Development Department and Deputy Commander of China's Manned Space Programme, Zhang Yulin spoke about the status of China's manned space programme and gave an outlook on the tasks for the near future.
GoTaikonauts! summarises the most important information, given by Xu Dazhe at the State Council Information Office press conference on 22 April 2016 regarding the introduction of China's National Space Day.
• China’s 2nd National Day of Space Flight 2017
On 24 April 2017, the GoTaikonauts! team visited two space institutions related to China's space programme: the Qian Xuesen Library and Museum Shanghai and the West Sheshan Mountain with its astronomical sites including the Tianma 65-m radio telescope in Shanghai- Sheshan. The articles “Tradition is not the worshipping of the ashes but to pass on the flame” and "Excursion to Tianma – the Pegasus of Shanghai" are reports about the excursions.
• GLEX2017-Global Space Exploration Conference Highlights
• Space Commemorative Banknote and Coin

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