27 October 2019
The latest issue of the GoTaikonauts! newsletter, issue no 26 was published. The brochure contains the quarterly report of the last quarter of 2018 and three background articles. "UNISPACE+50 - When the world talks space" reports from the United Nations Global Space Conference last year in June in Vienna. It gives some details about China's special events during the conference, but also puts into context the new developments in the changing environment of the utilisation of space.
Brian Harvey made some interesting observations on the sails of the Yuanwang tracking ships which he shares in his article "Following Yuanwang tracking ships - Observations on the maneuvres of China’s fleet of tracking ships".
Also included in this issue is a longer report about the 4th CCAF 2018 "4th China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum Wuhan 2018 - Full speed ahead!" The article tries to reflect on the special atmosphere during the conference and gives some impressions about the current situation among the new commercial player in China.
also see: http://www.go-taikonauts.com/en/e-magazine