03 January 2020
On 3 January 2020, the Ground Research and Application System (GRAS) of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project publicly released scientific data acquired by Chang'e 4 during the 1st to 12th lunar day. The Landing Camera (LCAM), installed at the bottom of the lander, has acquired the lunar surface images surrounding the landing site at a height of 2 km to 4 m during the lander's descending phase. The Level 2A scientific data released, contain a total of 5.441 data record files (.2A file), each of which is accompanied by a descriptive label file (.2AL) of the same name (in total: 10.882 files).
Also, the scientific data acquired by 5 scientific payloads on-board Chang'e-4 lander and rover during the 1st to 12th lunar day were made available. A total of 17,239 data files, with a total data volume of 20.9 GB were released.
Lander: LCAM Level 2A Scientific Data / TCAM Level 2C Scientific Data
Rover: PCAM Level 2B Scientific Data / LPR Level 2B Scientific Data / VNIS Level 2B Scientific Dat