09 February 2020
The GoTaikonauts! team is currently working on the newsletter no 28, comprising a detailed report on the 5th China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum - 5th CCAF which took place in November 2019. Since 2017, we have been visiting the capital of the Hebei province Wuhan for attending this annual international commercial space conference. Without the CCAF space conference, Wuhan would not mean much to us. However, over the years we came to feel like at home in Wuhan. We know the places and we know the warm-hearted people of this city in the centre of China. We wish to honour the 11 million inhabitants of Wuhan - the town which is affected the most by the current outbreak of the Corona virus. We wish them strength and we express our hope to come back to Wuhan soon. GoTaikonauts! issue no 28 will be dedicated to the people of Wuhan.