20 March 2020
The CE-7 mission, scheduled for 2024, is the first mission in the follow-up missions (i.e., CE-6, CE-7, and CE-8) of CLEP. The CE-7 probe, consisting of a relay satellite, an orbiter, a lander, a rover and a mini-flying probe, will be equipped with 23 scientific payloads. The total weight will be 8,200 kg, of which the weight of the scientific payloads is 415 kg. The CE-7 probe will make breakthroughs in key technologies such as high- precision lunar detailed survey, fixed-point landing, shadow pit flying detection, and intelligent robots adapted to the harsh environment of the lunar polar region, and will achieve new developments in space technology.
Thanks to Leonard David who pointed out that Chinese lunar experts were scheduled to talk at the now cancelled LPSC2020.