16 June 2020
The team around scientist Pan Jianwei has demonstrated secure quantum communication between two ground stations, with a new record distance of 1,120 km and no intermediate security relays. This is seen as a new step forward toward the practical application of quantum communication. In the latest study published online by the journal Nature, the satellite Micius sent pairs of entangled photons to two ground stations 1,120 km apart; in Delingha in Qinghai Province, and Nanshan near Urumqi in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
A secured quantum link between the two ground stations was established with no trusted relays, and the satellite Micius had no information about the secure key.
Link to the article abstract in Nature "Entanglement-based secure quantum cryptography over 1,120 kilometres"
China's quantum satellite sends hack-proof password 1,120km away