28 June 2020
Both, the lander and the rover, have just ended their work for the 19th lunar day, and switched to stand-by mode for the lunar night. The lander switched to dormant mode on 28 June at 1:00 BJT and the rover on 27 June at 16:23 BJT. By the end of the 19th lunar day, Yutu 2 had accumulated 463.26 m of traversing on the far side of the Moon.
On the CLEP WeChat account it was reported that operations of the Lunar Lander Neutrons and Dosimetry - LND and measurements with the Low Frequency Spectrometer - LFS were carried out during the 19th lunar day. Yutu 2 explored the lunar material in a small surface deepening, found Southwest of the rover during the 17th lunar day, using its Visible and Near-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (VNIS). After that, the rover turned in Northwest direction, investigation the characteristics of its trails and finding a place for staying during the upcoming lunar night. As usual, by the end of the lunar day, the science data were transferred from mission control to the science team.
China plans to launch its first Mars probe and the Chang'e-5 probe to bring lunar samples back to Earth later this year.
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WeChat report from 28 June in Chinese language