05 November 2020
Recent FAST data suggests fast radio bursts originate from activity in the magnetosphere of neutron stars - the super-dense remnants of massive stars. The finding concludes a decadelong scientific debate on the origin of the phenomenon, which was first discovered in 2007. Scientists have also hypothesized that most fast radio bursts may be emitted by a special class of neutron stars called magnetars that have extremely strong magnetic fields. The most magnetic stars in the universe, they have a field strength up to a thousand trillion times stronger than that of Earth.
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06 November 2020
FAST has identified more than 240 pulsars, according to the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Based on the data collected by FAST, scientists have published over 40 quality papers. With the help of the advanced telescope, Chinese research teams have become a key force in studying fast radio bursts.