23 December 2020
On episode 6 of the Dongfang Hour, Blaine Curcio and Jean Deville sat down with Kevin Xu, Chief Marketing Officer at Landspace and one of the company’s early employees. The conversation touched upon a wide-range of topics - asking Kevin why he changed from a state-owned company to a private enterprise, what the status of the Chinese commercial space sector and in particular with Landspace is. The talk gives very interesting first-hand insights into Landspace's ambitions.
APSCC 2020 E-Series - Small Launchers - Is Government Key to Success?
Peter DeSelding is interviewing the heads of 3 international space start-ups among which is Roger Zhang, CEO of China's Landspace. Roger Zhang answers questions about Landspace's ownership, the annual launch rate needed for a break-even, which advantage Landspace has as compared with CGWIC and when the launch of the ZQ-2 can be expected.