30 December 2020
SCMP reported that China and Italy agreed during the 10th Joint Meeting of the China-Italy Government Committee that one area of future cooperation would be space.
The Joint Press Release of the meeting mentions that both sides will continue to cooperate on the CSES-2 mission (China Seismo Electromagnetic Satellite 2), promote cooperation in the field of space sciences, space exploration, life sciences under the condition of microgravity as well as telecommunications, including quantum communication. Both countries agreed to continue exploring the flight opportunities related to Italian science payloads aboard the Chang'e 6 and asteroid missions. The two sides intend to continue discussing the implementation of the HERD (High Energy Radiation Detector) scientific experiment on board the Chinese space station.
Link to PDF of the Joint Press Release of the 10th Meeting of the Government Committee Italy - China (in Italian language). Space related topics are mentioned under point 21