04 February 2021
Landspace has completed the final assembly of the methalox TQ-12 engine, the new liquid-propellant rocket's first-stage engine for its ZQ-2 rocket. The engine has entered reliability tests and mass production, with its key technologies having achieved breakthroughs. Landspace's ZQ-2 rocket will be equipped with 4 TQ-12 engines in the 1st stage. ZQ-2 is a liquid oxygen-methane carrier rocket with the largest capacity under research in China.
On 30 January 2021, the TQ-12 methane engine underwent an 400 s test run, accumulating 2,000 s of testing from 5 consecutive long-duration tests.
On 29 January, Landspace reported that the payload fairing separation test of the Zhuque-2 launch vehicle was completed successfully.
Methane engines to lift private rocket into orbit