07 April 2021
The Chang'e 4 lunar lander and rover have resumed work for a 29th lunar day on the far side of the Moon.
The lander woke up on 6 April at 21:43 BJT, and the Yutu 2 rover, awoke at 3:54 BJT, according to the Lunar Exploration and Space Programme Centre of the China National Space Administration. So far, the Chang'e 4 probe has survived about 825 Earth days on the Moon. Located in the northwest of Chang'e 4's landing site, the rover has traveled about 682.8 m. The line-of-sight distance between the rover and the lander is about 455 m. During its 29th lunar day, the rover will continue to move northwest toward the basalt distribution area located about 1.2 km away from the rover. The equipment aboard the rover, including a panoramic camera, an infrared imaging spectrometer, a neutral atom detector and a lunar radar, will continue to carry out scientific explorations.