25 May 2018
SpaceNews published a brief but competent analysis of the Chinese space industry sector. The authors draw the important conclusion: "As has become increasingly clear over the past few months, one of the likely challenges facing launch providers in the future will be low-cost competition from Chinese companies. ... as Chinese companies start to provide service to foreign (but non-U.S.) companies, their concepts may become proven, and their products significantly more appealing to value-conscious companies in the rapidly expanding new space industry."
For a comprehensive overview on China’s current commercial space activities, read part one of the GoTaikonauts! report in issue no 21. The newsletter comprises also an extensive report about the 3rd China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum (CCAF) Wuhan last year. For the first time, the forum went international – and this – with unprecedented success. Our latest newsletter has a detailed report on this event. Three international space experts - Enrique Pacheco from Mexico, Andrew Paliwoda from the UK, and Philippe Cyr from Canada/China - explain their motivations for participation in the forum. The second part on China’s current commercial space activities will be published in issue no 22 together with a review of the historical beginnings.