13 May 2021
China's first smart satellite manufacturing factory went into operation in Hubei's provincial capital, Wuhan. In the morning of 13 May, the first satellite made in the facility rolled off the assembly line at a commencement ceremony attended by project managers and officials from central and provincial government. The communications satellite, which has yet to be named, is expected to be launched in the near future. According to Lyu Dongming, chairman of CASIC Space Engineering Development and owner of the plant, the site is able to produce as many as 240 satellites annually. The Wuhan satellite plant is able to produce multiple types of small satellite, each weighing less than 1 t. According to Lyu, the plant will substantially improve his company's manufacturing efficiency, and save much time and manpower.
updates (with photo): China ready to mass produce satellites with first smart assembly line
Smart satellite facility begins work in Wuhan