27 June 2021
On 27 June, CNSA released new videos and images of Zhurong's landing and exploring the Red Planet. The videos show the parachute deployment and descending to the Martian surface, and at the end of the 23 sec sequence the moment the Zhurong rover was driving away from its landing platform and moving over the land. Another short video published has the ambient sound during the process of Zhurong's rolling onto the Martian surface recorded.The images include the Martian landscape and the ruts left behind by the rover. As of the morning of 27 June, the Tianwen 1 orbiter has been in operation for 338 days, and its Earth-Mars distance was approximately 360 million km. The Mars rover Zhurong has been working on Mars for 42 Martian days and has driven a total of 236 m. Zhurong will continue its movement, detection, and scientific exploration missions as planned. The orbiter will continue to operate in a relay orbit, providing relay communication for the rover's scientific exploration while conducting its own scientific detection operations.
link to the news on the CNSA website (with links to previously released videos)