18 July 2021
A China Media Group (CMG) reporter went to the Astronaut Center of China on 16 July to take a sneak peek at the taikonauts' routine. The Shenzhou 12 crew started work at 8:00 BJT. They completed a platform inspection of the manned spacecraft and collected trace elements in the air in four hours. Afternoon work began at 14:00 BJT. The reporter saw Nie Haishang and Tang Hongbo replacing the carbon dioxide removal device, which is part of the environmental control and life support systems in the cabin. The 3 taikonauts had dinner at around 18:00 BJT, as they do every day, and finished in one hour, after which they started watching "Xinwen Lianbo," the most-watched daily TV news programme in China.
A month in China Space Station: What's been done so far?