18 August 2021
The Shenzhou 12 crew is expected to undertake the second round of EVA during the next days. The Shenzhou 12 taikonauts have undergone a week of in-orbit training, including cardiopulmonary exercises, in preparation for the 2nd spacewalk. On 16 August, the crew and the ground astronaut support system jointly carried out a full-procedure spacewalk rehearsal. The spacewalker will explore optimised and more efficient ways for space walks. The 1st EVA on 4 July was done by Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo. This time it is possible that Nie Haisheng will go out with Liu Boming. Apart from verifying the flexibility and reliability of the spacesuits, a change of the outside mission rosters would also enable all three Shenzhou 12 taikonauts to have actual EVA experience.