27 December 2021
Leonard David dedicated 2 detailed articles on his blog Inside Outer Space to the preventive collision avoidance manoeuvres of the CSS in July and October this year. "China’s in-progress space station has performed preventive collision avoidance control to avoid being struck by SpaceX Starlink satellites. China has informed the United Nations Secretary-General of the issue. In a document posted by the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space dated December 6, 2021, there is notification by China under Article V of the Outer Space Treaty concerning preventive collision avoidance between the China Space Station (international designation 2021-035A) and United States’ Starlink-1095 (international designation 2020-001BK) and Starlink-2305 (international designation 2021-024N) satellites."
China Urges the U.S. to Protect the Safety of its Space Station Astronauts