01 January 2022
CNSA published on 1 January 4 images taken by the TW-1 mission, including the 1st full photo of the TW-1 orbiter in orbit around Mars. The colour pictures show the orbiter, the ice cover on Mars’ north pole and a scene of a barren Martian plain. The orbiter’s full picture was taken by a camera released by the craft, which is now about 350 million km away from Earth, the Administration said in a statement. As of 31 December, the TW-1 orbiter has been operational for 526 days and the Zhurong rover for 225 Martian days – well beyond its 3-month life expectancy. The rover had traveled more than 1,400 m. So far, the TW-1mission has obtained and transmitted nearly 540 GB of raw data. Mission controllers confirmed that the probe has still sufficient energy and is in good condition.
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