06 January 2022
The robotic arm attached to the CSS successfully grabbed and moved the Tianzhou 2 cargo ship in a test on 06 January. It's the first such manoeuvre of the 10-m long robotic arm, which can lift objects weighing up to 20 t. CMSA said that the arm secured the robotic cargo craft in the early morning of 6 January and began to move it to a new position at 6:12 BJT. Tianzhou 2 had been connected to the station's Tianhe core module and was undocked before the test started. After moving the ship to a predetermined position, the arm reversed the manoeuvres to bring it back to its original position. Tianzhou 2 re-docked with Tianhe, finishing the 47-minute test at 6:59 BJT. The test achieved its goal of verifying the repositioning procedure and the devices designed for arm-enabled operations, and provided additional experience that will be used in the next steps of Tiangong's construction in orbit.
China intends to complete building the CSS in 2022 by launching 2 crewed missions, 2 cargo space craft and 2 additional station modules.
Footage of Robotic Arm Transposition Test on the CNSA YouTube channel