24 October 2022
In the new episode of the Dongfang Hour channel, Jean Deville gets into the details of the Mengtian module's capabilities. Mengtian is the 3rd and final component of China's 60-ton space station. It will launch on 31 October 2022, an event that he will be covering with a live stream. The current launch time for the Mengtian Space Laboratory (aka Experimental Module 2) is on 31 October at 7:25 UTC (NOTE: to be confirmed by an official NOTAM). For the live coverage follow this link: https://youtu.be/-YAd2eSuHaM
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25 October 2022
The Mengtian space lab module and its CZ-5B carrier rocket were moved to a service tower in the morning of 25 October to undergo final tests before their planned flight in the coming days, according to the CMSA. The agency said in a brief news release that prelaunch preparation work is underway at the Wenchang Space Launch Centre on Hainan island.