17 November 2022
The SZ-14 crew on board the Tiangong China Space Station is conducting their 3rd EVA on 17 November. The airlock hatch was opened at 11:16 BJT. Commander Chen Dong was the first to leave the airlock for a 6.5 hour long spacewalk. He was followed by crew member Cai Xuzhe. Taikonaut Liu Yang stayed inside the core module to support her crewmates. They will work together to conduct several extravehicular operations, including the installation of an inter-module connection device, adjusting the Wentian lab module's external panoramic camera and doing other technical work. The spacewalk will also mark the 1st time use of the combination of the large and small robotic arms to support taikonauts activities all over the mega space station combination. This is the 7th spacewalk by taikonauts on the CSS.

The 2 spacewalkers finished their work after 5.5 hours and were back in the airlock by 16:50 h BJT.