01 September 2015
On 01 September 2015, issue no 16 of the Go Taikonauts! newsletter was published.
The cover story is a re-published paper by Qiu Huayon, Liu Zhi, Shi Junwei, and Zheng Yunqing presented at the IAC 2013 in Beijing, on China’s manned rendezvous and docking system.
Apart from the Quarterly Report on Chinese space activities in the second quarter of 2015 you will also find a summary of Wang Yaping's article "Sowing a New Dream" originally written for "ROOM - The Space Journal".
In our section “On the Spot”, we are reporting on the British Interplanetary Society's Chinese/Soviet Technical Forum. During the event in London in June this year, we were able to interview Soviet cosmonaut Anatoly Pavlovitch Artsebarsky, who shared with us his impressions of the Chinese space programme and his view on the international exploration efforts in general. A photo gallery of China's deep-space tracking network is completing the latest issue of our newsletter.
Enjoy reading!

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