31 January 2012

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From the content:

Quarterly Report - July to September 2011

Mission Docking: Behind the Scene
China’s steady progress in space in 2011, including the launch of the two man-rated spacecraft and two times successful rendezvous and docking demonstrated by Shenzhou 8, was not accomplished in one day. It was the result of a long-term investment and uninterrupted research and development.

When Two Became
One As media both inside and outside China have reported, the Shenzhou 8 docking mission with Tiangong 1 towards the end of 2011 was a full success. What does success mean in this context? What are the direct consequences for China’s ambitions in space? And could this have any implications for international cooperation/collaboration in the future?

Harmonious Interference Dissolves Galileo “Misunderstandings”
People often like to talk about the “new space race to the Moon”. But in the background, almost un-noticed by the public, another more tangible race is taking place. It is a highly strategic race - to establish a globally dominating satellite ...

The Glow of the Firefly Shines into the Future Yinghuo 1 - a Martian Space Environment Exploration Orbiter
It could have been the cherry on the cake, the peak of a highly successful space year for China. The teeny-weeny Mars probe Yinghuo 1 is the first Chinese spacecraft for Mars exploration...

Chinese Space Launch History - Part 3

Chinese Launch Sites - Part 3