05 August 2013
Today, the latest issue of Go Taikonauts! was published. The focus is on the Shenzhou 10 mission, China’s recent manned space mission. The cover story is giving a comphrehensive summary of the mission milestones but also an outlook on the near-term plans for a Chinese space station. The article is illustrated with the latest rendering of the planned Chinese Space Station CSS by Adrian Mann and the most detailed Shenzhou and Tiangong fact sheet by Diemar Roettler/Raumfahrt Concret. Another interesting report was written by a Chinese tourist who witnessed the Shenzhou 10 launch at the launch site. In this context, three more articles are looking into the aspects of international space cooperation with China, mainly related to manned space flight activities. A special feature certainly is an interview with Liu Yang, the first Chinese women in space. Furthermore, the German Aerospace Center DLR contributed an article on the results of the German-Chinese cooperation project SIMBOX. This article is complemented by some personal perspectives of Chinese and German scientists who participated in the research.

The Go Taikonauts! Team is wishing a good read!

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