02 November 2013
Dear Readers of the Go Taikonauts! newsletter,
From 23 - 27 September 2013, the Go Taikonauts! team has been participating in the 64th International Astronautical Conference 2013 in Beijing. During the course of the week, we have been able to conduct numerous interviews, collect valuable materials, had exciting discussions and followed breaking-news plenaries and presentation. Each of us came home with a treasure of information which we will be pleased to share with our readers. Go Taikonauts! is going to dedicate the issue no 10 to the outcomes and results of the 64th IAC 2013. To provide the best quality of journalistic work and analysis the publishing will be shifted to end of November 2013.
In the meanwhile we are happy to provide you with the regular Quarterly Report 3-2012. For download click here.