24 February 2014
The latest issue of the Go Taikonauts! iPad App newsletter is online. The pdf version will follow until 27 February.
The cover story of this issue of Go Taikonauts! is about the historic Chang’e 3 lunar mission and gives details on Chang’e 3’s development history, the spacecraft design and payloads, as well as mission activities in the first month. The gallery has some stunning images taken by the Chang’e 3 lander and Yutu on the Moon.
The 9 and 10 January saw probably the biggest ever get-together of leaders of national and international space agencies. GoTaikonauts! tries to give the highlights of the Heads of Agencies Summit in Washington, as well as the International Space Exploration Forum and Conference. We believe what happened in Washington may decide the future of the US-China relationship in space, and therefore we also provide an analysis on U.S.-China space cooperation.
This issue also includes the second part of our reports from the IAC 2013 and the UN-China workshop one week before: Two articles, one with an interview of Leon Chiang, the Vice President of HEAD Aerospace, a Chinese space trading company, and another article with the impressions of a European, Jack van Loon, and an African participant, Proven Emmanuel Adzri, of the UN-China workshop.
Another interesting piece is the extract from the annual press briefing by Thomas Reiter, ESA’s Director of Human Spaceflight and Operations. He brought the latest news on the efforts between ESA and China in the consolidation of space cooperation. Reiter’s explanations are completed by an interview with Frank De Winne, Head of ESA’s Astronaut Centre Department, on the current status of the work in the European Astronaut Centre and particularly with respect to cooperation with China.

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