09 September 2014
Dear readers of the Go Taikonauts! newsletter on the Chinese space programme, after a longer than expected summer break, the latest issue of GoTaikonauts! has been published. The newsletter features a report from the 35th Chinese/Soviet Technical Forum at the British Interplanetary Society, gives some reflection on the ILA Berlin Airshow and contains a detailed article on the 57th session of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space - COPUOS. The issue is completed with an interview with Antwerp Space N.V. and a review of the book "The Thread of the Silkworm". The cover story - we think - is a little sensation. Because the GoTaikonauts! was able to trace the location from where the first Chinese sounding rocket, the T-7M, took-off. The site marks in a certain way the place of the origin of the Chinese space programme. Enjoy reading!
The GoTaikonauts! team

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