27 October 2018
GoTaikonauts! wishes to congratulate Landspace Technology Corporation on its today’s attempt of reaching orbital space.

Today, at 16:00 h BJT (10:00 h Middle-European Summer Time) Landspace made its very own giant leap and launched LandSpace-1 (Zhuque-1). It carried Weilai 1 (Future 1), an educational satellite for CCTV, featuring in-orbit experiment and imaging capabilities and was built by MinoSpace Technology. This pilot flight, reaching more than 300 km height, is a big step for China, showing the success of its strategy of military-civil integration which enables commercial space start-ups like Landspace. Talented engineers and motivated teams were capable to come up with a high-performance product in an extremely short time. Respect!

See a video of the preparation of the rocket in the Landspace facilities.

See the launch video, as posted on Weibo.

GoTaikonauts! wishes to thank MinoSpace and Landspace for the opportunity to share this moment in history with the great teams at the launch site.

The MinoSpace Launch Campaign Team. credit: MinoSpace  For more photos, please, have a look on our Facebook page.