22 November 2018
I visited my very first air show - China’s much talked and hyped about 2018 Zhuhai Air Show - this past weekend (10/11 November), and like many of those awesome first experiences, this too would turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. It was Nov. 11th - Veteran’s Day back in the States. But in China, this particular day held another, yet, similar commemorative purpose: It was the 69th anniversary of the creation of the People’s Liberation Army: Air Force, or PLA Air Force. In other words, it was time to celebrate!
​So, open up an air base, put on some well crafted aerial stunts featuring China’s latest fighter jets, and throw in a bunch of cool displays showcasing the world’s second largest economy’s stronghold on modern and futuristic aircrafts, comprehensive air defense systems, and yet-to-be-revealed space-tech? Well, that’s an easy guess - count me in!
China's 2018 Zhuhai Airshow Rocked!!!
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