17 April 2019
Mars Base 1 Camp, covering an area about one-fifth of an American football field, is the brainchild of a media company and officials in Gansu, a poor province in northwest China.
Officials hope the camp, about 40 km (25 miles) from the township of Jinchang, will boost tourism and allow visitors to feel as though they are on the red planet. Apart from being a tourist attraction, the camp has collaborated with the Astronauts Center of China (ACC) to eventually turn the facility into an astronaut-training center. The camp is not the only Mars-themed site in China. On the neighboring Qinghai-Tibet plateau, China unveiled its first Mars “village” in March.
A futuristic simulation of a Chinese Mars mission has opened in the Gobi Desert
17 April 2019
C-Space Project Mars, a tourist attraction and educational Mars simulation facility opened on 17 April in Gansu province. Reuters journalists visited the site of the project, which currently occupies a plot about the size of a football field.
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