31 July 2019
How much money did China spend on building the Chang'e 4 lunar lander, the Yutu-2 lunar rover and the rocket to send them to the far side of the Moon?
According to Wu Yanhua, Deputy Director of the project, the total cost of the mission was "not much." "The cost is close to building one kilometer of subway," he said in a press conference back in January 2019. The cost-per-kilometer of subway in China varies from 500 million RMB (about 72.6 million USD) to 1.2 billion RMB (about 172.4 million USD), based on the difficulty of construction. So we still don't have the exact number, but the range is close enough to give people a solid estimation of the cost of a Moon trip. And another question: Is the Chang'e 4 mission really "reused trash?"